WATCH: Lion attacks toddler during the world’s most bone-headed TV segment

They say don’t work on set with children or animals, so it makes sense that when you combine the two, things might not run so smoothly.

Mexican variety TV show Con Sello de Mujer came close to disaster when a lion latched on to a toddler during a segment that likely wasn’t considered for any ‘parent of the year’ awards nights.

Though restrained by a leash which was held by one of the two animal trainers on set, the lion was nonetheless able to spring forward and grab a hold of the child’s leg, sparking a moment of chaos.

The trainers then encouraged the toddler – and the other presenters – to remain calm, as they worked to release the girl from the lion’s grip.

Thankfully, they were successful, and the child was unharmed from the incident.

Although we can’t blame her if the moment has changed her thoughts on The Lion King.

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