Designer creates gorgeous chrome chair inspired by mushroom caps

This ain’t your Aunty Maude’s couch. At first look, these space-age mushrooms look more magical than those you took in college, but they actually serve a practical purpose. This is the Mogu Chair, designed by Beijing-born architect Ma Yansong, founder of MAD Architects.

Yansong took inspiration from fungi, creating these wide bench-like chairs shaped like mushroom caps that sprout everywhere. The result is a piece not only sleek in appearance but sized practically, with dimensions that look perfect even for not overly spacious rooms. Even the legs look like mushroom trunks, seemingly rooted into the ground.

These were designed for Italian brand Sawaya & Moroni, and is another feather in the cap of Yansong, who’s taking the industry by storm.

“The chair references the feeling of a resting place found in nature, and its tri-lobal shape allows it to be arranged into different configurations,” according to Sawaya & Moroni.

“Mogu’s form appears to grow naturally from the earth, adapting to diverse spatial configurations, and affecting the perception of its larger environment,” says Yansong.

“Its surface forms an organic landscape that allows people to respond with their bodies and encourage a variety of social interactions.”

So there you have it from the creator himself. These benches aren’t just eye candy, but they’re plus-size friendly AND create an opportunity to literally rub elbows with that cutie beside you. Yansong’s doing some good work.

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