Designer creates beautiful lighting inspired by traditional paper lanterns

You may not be able to journey back in time and visit Imperial China, but now you can fill your home with these elegant lamps inspired by traditional paper lanterns.

Created by Dutch designer Marcel Wanders, these tasselled glass lamps echo the shape of the iconic floating paper lanterns. The range of lights is intended to be modular and can be displayed individually or grouped together in clusters.

Ranging from transparent to completely opaque, the glasswork comes in a variety of spheres and elongated ovals. Each lantern is suspended from a slender wire to give the impression of floating in the air, while the tassels further enhance the impression of flight.

“We designed this lighting system to be poetic,” said Wanders. “It captures attention as it inspires the imagination.”

Poetic is definitely the right word for this collection which was created for London-based company Wonderglass and is titled Calliope after the Greek muse of ancient mythology who presided over the arts of eloquence and epic poetry.

“Marrying an element of ancient Asian culture with free-moving parts has resulted in a product that embodies both classic and contemporary design,” explained Gabriele Chiave, Wanders’ Creative Director.

These amazing chandeliers had their debut display at the Between Light And Time installation at Istituto dei Ciechi at Milan Design Week this year.