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Denmark ad agency creates amazing campaign for a gender-free Internet

The happiest people in the world are Danish, that’s a fact. The country was crowned happiest on the planet back in 2013, by which time it was already old news that the small Scandinavian nation had contentment nailed down.

But what’s the secret? Could it be as attributed to the tall and athletic Danish stereotype? I know I’d be happier if I was constantly surrounded by sexy people. But, it can’t just be down to good looks. Denmark is far from the only country with a reputation for turning out consistent eye candy.

Perhaps the secret is the tendency of the Danes to be open-minded. Denmark was after all the first country in the world to recognise same-sex unions, it led the charge on abolishing the slave trade and it was the first European country to cease defining people who are transgender as having a mental illness.

Despite all this modern-minded action it seems Denmark is never content to rest on its laurels. A Danish ad agency has created a campaign to reconsider the binary definition of gender online.

The question at the centre of it is this: if it’s no longer ok to require a person to state their identity as either male or female in the physical world, why do websites still ask us to?

“Gender Free Internet is an easy to install browser extension for Google Chrome that removes gender boxes from the internet,” reads the campaign website. “Eliminating the irrelevant, and for some people awkward, situation of being forced to choose between being male and female. Making it possible for anyone, anywhere to surf the web without being put in a box.”

To be honest, it’s surprising this hasn’t come about already. The fashion industry has already started straddling the gender gap, Hollywood is on board and a whole generation of young people now believe gender is a spectrum. Welcome to the party internet, better late than never.

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