Featured Image for Clear Coffee will revolutionise the world of caffeinated beverages

Clear Coffee will revolutionise the world of caffeinated beverages

We’ve heard the rumours about an impending worldwide coffee shortage (le gasp) but this is somehow even more startling.

Coffee company CLRCFF (Clear Coffee) has released this unbelievable blend of Arabica beans and pure water which creates completely see-through coffee.

Trust us, it’s real.

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Being a little sneaky, the company are keeping it an air-tight secret as to how they have achieved this clear coffee. We’re calling witchcraft.

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If you’re brave enough to buy the brew, your teeth will be thanking you in 20 years. According to the company, the colourless coffee won’t stain your teeth.

Exciting progress, but the idea of clear coffee is still a little off-putting. We’ll stick with our long blacks and let you try it first.


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