This kid hilariously fails to avoid being filmed as he tries to unplug his dad’s security cam

When Jeremy Gabrysch from Austin, Texas, installed a security cam in his living room, he never expected to capture footage of the world’s worst ninja.

Over the summer, Jeremy’s two kids, Nate, 9, and Taylor, 6, kept waking up at midnight to watch television in the living room. Looking to stop their mischief, Jeremy and his wife installed a Nest camera.

It worked for a while until Nate realised who was snitching on them.

“At first, Nate wasn’t sure how we were figuring that he was watching the TV,” Jeremy told PEOPLE. “Then he discovered the camera.”

The clip above shows Nate trying to end the camera’s snitching ways. Without knowing how a wide-angle lens works, the kid tries to sneak up on the device by slithering on the floor. He manages to turn it off, but his dad didn’t exactly have a hard time figuring out who did it.

“We just watched the video and cracked up,” said Jeremy, adding: “We’ve been frustrated with how we were going to stop them from watching TV. But this just made the whole situation pretty funny.”