Photographer checks in $18,000 camera on a flight, absolute DISASTER follows

Here’s a cautionary tale for photographers naively planning on checking in their expensive gear on a flight, rather than hand-carrying it.

A woman who travelled recently decided to check-in her US$11,000 (AUS$14,000) Leica 50mm f/0.95 Noctilux ASPH lens and US$7,000 (AUS$9,000) Leica M10. When her flight landed, she found that her camera wouldn’t turn on, while the lens had been smashed.

She brought both items to the Leica service center to hopefully have it fixed. But by the looks of things, repair is virtually impossible.

A quick visual inspection shows that the two front elements of the lens have been shattered to bits. The filter ring, meanwhile, has gotten tangled with the lens and can’t be removed.

“She only had the camera and lens for two weeks,” Ben Stephen of Leica Store Manchester told PetaPixel.

Leica Store Manchester has since used the image of the broken lens as a warning to all photographers who plan on checking in their valuable equipment.

“It’s crazy, we have never seen anything like it,” added Stephen.