Artist illustrates and animates every iconic death in Game Of Throne in three minutes

“What do we say to the God of Death?” If like us, you can hardly wait for each new episode of Game Of Thrones, then you need to fill the hole with some GoT-related media.

Today we’ll hook you up with this cool little find – a comprehensive list of every major death in the series completely hand-drawn and animated by young Austrian artist Hannes Sommer.

The clip runs for just over three minutes, and reminds us all that GoT is merciless in killing off our favourite characters. Heads up, if you’re not up to date with the series, this will have some fairly major spoilers.

How’s that for a recap? Gotta say, those effects were awesome!

Some beloved characters such as Maester Luwin and Qhorin Halfhand missed the cut, pun intended. Unfortunately, one man can only do so much, and this already took the artist over 150 hours to illustrate.

Luckily the seventh season of Game Of Thrones didn’t let up with the gruesome deaths!

Hannes is a fan art specialist, and illustrates much more than Game Of Thrones. Got a request? Send it his way.

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