Everyone on the Internet was streaming this one song during the solar eclipse

If there’s one thing that can unite this world, it’s wordplay.

…Oh right, and music.

People all over the world were deliberating what soundtrack goes best with a total solar eclipse.

Is it the epic, anthemic climax of a Coldplay song?

Something primal and haunting like Sigur Ros?

Or perhaps the stunning spectacle of an orchestra in full swing?


Bonnie Tyler’s 1983 hit, ‘Total Eclipse Of The Heart’.

Ah, but of course.

Spotify streams of the 80’s classic jumped up 2,859 per cent in America and 827 per cent worldwide compared to the same day a fortnight ago.

It wasn’t a last minute decision either, online downloads jumped up 503 per cent in the seven days prior – the track eventually taking the number one spot on the iTunes charts.

Frankly, we’re impressed people even watched the solar eclipse given how good the film clip is:

And just so you know, Bonnie Tyler was playing the track on a cruise ship during the eclipse because sometimes life is good.