People responded to a kid’s disturbing drawing by making the best fan art

Meet Janet. She might not look like it, but she’s actually a superhero – one that cuts people in half and has a growing fandom.

Twitter user Amanda Mancino from the UK recently shared a painting her child made while at an art day camp. Tasked to make their own superhero, the kid drew a green-skinned woman with pitch black eyes and messy hair. The character’s weapons? A twig and a giant pair of blood-soaked scissors.

As if the image wasn’t disturbing enough, the caption read: “Janet cuts people in half with giant scissors. (She’s a hero only to herself).”

Yikes. Hard to imagine what the child would draw for a villain.

Oddly, after Janet’s photo made it online, people LOVED her. In fact, they even made fan art. Lots and lots of fan art. There’s even a hashtag, #Janetiscoming.

Get on this, Marvel. We want a Janet live-action adaptation ASAP.