Girl makes a collage of all the ridiculous things millennials are killing

Millennials are the worst. When we’re not wasting all our money on avocado toast, we’re off killing something.

In fact, the media has documented this killing spree quite well. Just look at the headlines. We’ve murdered fast food, handshakes, and even marmalade. Jeezus Christ, not marmalade! Anything but marmalade!

With the kill list becoming more and more ridiculous, Twitter user ‘@theindiaalto’ did something about it. She printed out a photo of avocado toast and surrounded it with all the related headlines she could find.

The result is something all Millennials find highly amusing – and even want merchandise of.

Why can’t we be more like the Baby Boomers? They might have killed the economy and the environment, but at least they didn’t kill napkins.