This erotic TV gameshow from Brazil combines football with … erm … ‘Twister’

This is probably not the best ice breaker at your next party.

In 2015, a TV show for Brazilian channel SBT aired a segment that required two contestants to crawl on all fours across a giant board while wearing skimpy football jerseys.

What made this different from ‘Twister’ is that instead of having colours, the massive board game had 2014 FIFA World Cup teams. Also, the girls couldn’t choose where to place their hands and feet.

The result was quite raunchy, with the women ending up in suggestive positions.

The video, which already has more than six million views, has drawn praise from horndogs everywhere. “I have never seen so much perfection,” one YouTube user said, with another adding: “Didn’t understand a single word, watched the whole thing.”

Via Daily Star

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