D’oh! These crooks are SO dumb, they stole a doorbell that had a camera

In Las Vegas last week, a pair of thieves tried to rob a local business when they were caught by… themselves.

The two were seen trying to steal a Ring Video Doorbell, unaware that the device was recording their every move. The establishment’s owner, Andrew DiMino, was on vacation when he got a notification saying that someone was at his front door.

“I said to my girlfriend, I said, ‘We’re being robbed!’” he recalled, adding that he called the cops immediately.

The video above shows the burglary in action. A man and a woman can be seen using a bunch of tools to remove the $200 doorbell before driving off.

“I think they were stupid. I don’t see how you cannot know you’re being recorded,” DiMino added.

The man involved in the incident, Kristopher Dabash, has been arrested and charged with petit larceny and conspiracy to commit a non-felony. The woman, meanwhile, remains at large.

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