Supreme has completely lost the plot with their new accessories range

Fuccbois globally will be chomping at the proverbial bit to get* at Supreme’s new Fall/Winter range. In addition to their iconic clothing, Supreme has come out with some terrible accessories.

None of the items in the range top the Supreme money gun which can be used to shoot cash everywhere. But this year there is also a keyring that reads “fuck the president” which may be popular in some quarters.

As is their wont, Supreme collaborated on the range with pro skater Mark Gonzales.

Supreme gear has a strange sort of cult following. Some of their previous gear has fetched large sums as collectors’ items on the aftermarket. Pretty odd considering the company is basically just writing their brand name on superfluous items. We are waiting for the supreme crypto currency to come live then we are going all in.

Notable inclusions in this season’s range include:
– A Supreme Electric Guitar
– Supreme Chopsticks
– Supreme Hair Clippers
– Supreme Collapsible Shovel. For burying haters, we assume.
– Supreme paperweight with US banknotes in it. Is that legal?
– Supreme Sake set