How millennials are changing the summer BBQ and how they can make it even better

Sorry, dads. It just might be time to pass the torch – or should I say, tongs – to the next generation.

Traditionally, backyard barbecues have been the domain of the baby boomer generation. However, recent studies suggest that millennials are increasingly taking the reins and changing the BBQ culture itself.

For instance, a Rabobank research indicated that while dads opt to choose conventionally raised beef to be grilled, their sons would only go for the more expensive grass-fed. As for the cheese, young consumers prefer gourmet varieties like blue cheese. And the bun? Only brioche would do for these picky eaters.

The drinks at summer barbecues have also changed. Millennials still like to crack open a cold one, but usually in the form of craft beers, as well as small-batch liquors.

According to Nick Fereday, executive director of Food & Consumer Trends at Rabobank, millennials are “proving to be very disruptive,” given that they make up nearly 25 percent of consumers and are willing spend 73 percent more on food than their older counterparts

“Although they’re a diverse multicultural cohort, a few generalizations still ring true: they’re more experimental in their food and beverage choices, health conscious (seeking fewer processed foods), and they also appear to be willing to spend a greater share of their income on food.”

And it’s not just the ingredients that have changed – the equipment and location have too.

Instead of buying gas and charcoal grills, these consumers want the electric types. As for location, because millennials are reluctant to buy homes, the summer barbecue is shifting from backyards to parks and campsites.

But while millennials have changed a lot about the beloved BBQ, one thing hasn’t: the recipes.

Passed down from one generation to the next, barbecue recipes have virtually stayed the same. Now that’s not necessarily a bad thing, but with millennials always looking to try something new and exciting, some innovation is much-needed.

Enter the makers of TABASCO Sauce. To improve the ways millennials do their BBQ, the TABASCO brand has created a film centered on the rich and unknown barbecue cultures in London. It promises to inspire the next generation further into setting the bar for burgers and steaks by revealing a part of the UK we rarely see.

Check it out: