Literally just heaps of photos of cute animals because this week has been the absolute worst

Well, what an absolute stinker of week that was – thankfully, ANIMALS.

It was a week where we learned that Nazis are still a thing, ISIS reared its head again and Pauline Hanson wore a goddamn burqa to parliament.

In short, it was a terrible, no good, awful, bad week.

So here’s a bunch of photos of crazy cute animals because god knows we all need it.

BUNNY JUMPER (/u/stimmolation).

WRINKLY DOG TOWER! (/u/ iamkokonutz)

BABY HUSKY! (/u/MrCooperstown)

DOGGO ALL GROWN UP! (/u/mzglass)

Fulfilling life goals.


This huge dog that’s scared of this tiny cat! (/u/idkbruhlifesucks)

Stop it! Stop it right the **** now. (/u/deep99)

Here’s to next week being better, enjoy the weekend.