#WatermelonDress is the most adorable fashion trend to take over Instagram

“Each bite of watermelon contains about 92 percent water and 6 percent sugar.” Well, it seems we’ve found the sweetest of the bunch from this refreshing new trend.

Presenting the #WatermelonDress, a new craze sweeping social media, particularly Instagram, where users are uploading photos of themselves or their friends/partners/family “dressed in” a watermelon.

It’s very simple: you just bite into or carve up a slice of watermelon and take a photo of it with the subject posing behind “fitting” into the “dress.”

Talk about playing with your food! Take a look:

Sure, those were pretty nice, but wait ’til you see these:

Game over. Somebody’s already won this round.

How about that one with the black seeds prominently displayed and arranged like buttons/a dress pattern? Cute AF!

Would you try a #WatermelonDress on yourself or your children?