Watch Attorney-General George Brandis destroy Pauline Hanson for wearing a burqa to Parliament today

Bravo Attorney-General, George Brandis. After the controversial One Nation leader, Pauline Hanson (yes, that Pauline Hanson) rocked up to the Australian Senate today wearing a burka to make yet another off-colour statement about muslims, Brandis tore Hanson to shreds with an articulate, impassioned speech on the Senate floor.

But first some context.

As our sister site, Techly, reported: “While Question Time was already underway, Senator Hanson walked in (fashionably late, might I add). MPs already in session can be heard exclaiming ‘What in the world’ while Penny Wong assesses the situation and spins her chair so her back faces Hanson.”

Eventually Hanson removed the burqa and asked the following question: “Will you work to ban the burqa in Australia … in light of what is happening [with] national security?”

Argh. Pauline, why? WHY!?

Enter stage right, George Brandis, to steal the spotlight. His retort was monumental, and he was rightly given a standing ovation for it. A rarity.

Watch it for yourself and just try not to applaud.

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