Talented designer created a table based on Princess Leia’s iconic double-bun hairstyle

Just when you thought Star Wars couldn’t get any better, it did.

Iraqi-British architect Zaha Hadid designed a table which was purely inspired by Princess Leia’s double buns. The table is an intriguing corkscrew shape which resembles The princess’ iconic hairstyle. The corkscrew loop provides a solid support for the table, while either end are a practical place to rest your coffee cup.

The piece of furniture was created for the pop culture company known for their collectibles Leblon Delienne to appeal to the thousands of Star Wars fans worldwide.

The piece of furniture is a brilliant black made from shiny glass and carbon fibre. However, the table can be ordered in other colours including white, with brass or silver finishes.

Besides being known for pop culture references, the studio also has previously taken inspiration from Star Wars. Hadid also used Queen Amidala’s head dress to inspire a design for a desk. It was designed for a Disney event in London, 2016.

Sadly, Hadid passed away early in 2016.