Featured Image for Surprising Aussie cities named in the world’s ‘top 10 most liveable cities’

Surprising Aussie cities named in the world’s ‘top 10 most liveable cities’

Stop complaining, Australia – we’ve got it pretty good.

Down under we’ve got whingeing down to a fine art (myself included), but maybe it’s time we put down our pitchforks and start appreciating just how good we’ve got it here.

An annual report by the Economist Intelligence Unit’s Global Liveability Report has declared one Aussie city the world’s ‘most liveable’, booted one Aussie city from the top ten and installed two surprising Aussie cities into the top ten.

Melbourne has won the top gong again (it’s the SEVENTH year in a row), and Sydney has been punted from the top ten (first State of Origin, now this).

But it’s been good news for Adelaide and Perth who nabbed the fifth and seventh places respectively – nice work, you guys.

The report takes an astonishing amount of factors into account – healthcare, crime, food, culture, climate, and access to smashed avo (not sure about that actually, I better double check).

Damascus in Syria took out the unenviable title of ‘world’s worst city’ for obvious reasons.

If you were wondering why iconic cities like New York, Tokyo and Paris didn’t fare so well, the report says,

“(The cities) all suffer from higher levels of crime, congestion and public transport problems than are deemed comfortable.”

Australia, the lucky country indeed.


1. Melbourne
2. Vienna
3. Vancouver
4. Toronto
5. Calgary (equal 5th)
5. Adelaide (equal 5th)
7. Perth
8. Auckland
9. Helsinki
10. Hamburg

131. Kiev
132. Douala
133. Harare
134. Karachi
134. Algiers
136. Port Moresby
137. Dhaka
138. Tripoli
139. Lagos
140 Damascus