Remember this? Someone put a ‘Pay Trump Bribes Here’ message at a Trump Hotel

A temporary art form, gone before you know it. Rather symbolic, wouldn’t you say?

Robin Bell has been staging ‘guerrilla light protests’ for years, and the projector seems to have caught up with him. The artist has come under a new light thanks to his latest projection on Donald Trump’s Washington DC hotel last May 15.

The series of images raised the issue of 45’s business ties with foreign governments, and it was perfectly legal:

“When we first started doing it, we were concerned and we reached out for legal advice,” Bell says. “But from the research we did, it was legal. The one thing we can’t do is block traffic. We can’t create an impediment on the sidewalk.”

Bell outfitted a van that can do mobile projections, so the deployment was too easy.

“Tonight we got really lucky and we had a great parking spot,” he added.

“I was reading this thing about when you deal with authoritarian governments, you have to create your own story,” says Bell. “If we’re reacting to these people all the time, they can just play us. So, part of the thing is making things that you can laugh at, that you can share, that aren’t just reacting to them.”

Bell adds this to his series of #resist pieces, which has ranged from elaborate collaborations to simpler designs:

The best part about protest artwork such as this is the snowball effect, as we’ve all seen countless others pop up on our social media feeds over the last few months. Like these:

Regardless of your politics, one thing you have to agree with is that the stronger people’s emotions get, the faster the flurry of art. And in this day and age when everything moves at a digital speed, the internet becomes a minefield of all these beautiful and provocative creations. What a time to be alive.

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