Oh no, not again! HBO and Game of Thrones have just been hacked

It has been an absolute nightmare week for HBO.

They’ve been held to ransom by hackers, and yesterday they hacked themselves after they accidentally aired the next episode of Game of Thrones.

(Rule number one: never play yourself)

Well it’s Groundhog Day for HBO executives after their social media accounts were breached by a hacking group called OurMine.

The group hacked the GoT Twitter account, leaving the cheeky message, “OurMine are here. we are just testing your security”.

Oh dear.

Then they hit up the Facebook page, posting, ‘Let’s make #HBOHacked trending’ – which doesn’t really make much sense gramatically, but you know what they’re getting at.

Someone’s having a very bad day at HBO.

All in all it was actually pretty harmless and given hackers have been threatening to leak scripts and 1.5TB of company data, it’s far from the worse thing that’s happened to them recently.

Still though, you’ve got to wonder what’s going on at HBO headquarters – with cyber security being such a crucial element of running a modern business it’s absolutely baffling that they could be so lax.