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Behold, the cheese cone that made all your cheesy dreams come true

Get out your Lacteeze, your bellies are about to explode! You know how cheese platters are all messy, sticky, and gooey? Well, look no further. The famous cheese platter has just been made into a clean, easy, and best of all, edible cone.

To make things easy for us cheese lovers (and there’s plenty of us), Kurrajong Kitchen Lavosh and Hunter Belle Cheese has created an intense hand-held cheese platter. It’s all things gourmet in the form of a lavash bread cone.

Inside the cone is a bunch of brie, cranberry and pistachio cheddar, and salami. It’s then topped with spicy pear and a decorative, yet tasty, breadstick. In the base of the cone, there’s also some zingy yoghurt to add some alternate sensations to the palate.

The cheese cone was made for the Cheese Lovers Festival in the Hunter Valley. If you’re not familiar with the Hunter Valley, it’s known for it’s wine and cheese – so, they know what they’re doing. The festival website described the event as a “two-day festival pays homage to cheese in its all flavours, textures and forms.”

The co-owner of Hunter Belle Cheese, Annie Chesworth told Mashable, “We wanted to combine ingredients that weren’t going to overpower each other. In any dish, it’s important to have a balanced palate; sweet, salty and texture. Lavash is the perfect thickness and not overpowering which is what we look for in a great cheese accompaniment.”

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