Watch a reporter respond to a cockroach on her shirt the same way we’d all do

It’s what we would have all done – except that we’d probably never do it on live television.

Recently while preparing for a live broadcast in Los Angeles, KTLA reporter Mary Beth McDade received a nasty surprise when a flying cockroach landed on her chest.

The following clip shows the correspondent screaming, “Ahhh Jesus. Oh god,” as the insect crawls its way up her dress. She tries to brush it off by using her mic as a weapon but fails. A crew member then steps in to help, but hesitates after seeing where the roach is perched.

“Hang up,” he said. “I was coming to get it, but I didn’t want to feel you up.”

Thankfully, McDade manages to get it off on her second try. She eventually went on to deliver the news without further incident.

It wasn’t the first time McDade had an uninvited visitor on her segment. Last year, a total creep barged into her live report, making lewd remarks and even brushing against her.