These realistic pencil drawings of paint will make you do a double take

Australian artist Cj Hendry has created a series of illustrations, which at first glance, looks more like photographs of oil paint.

The series, entitled Complimentary Colors, features hyper-realistic images of paint made using only coloured pencils. According to Hendry, the process was a meticulous one. It involved patiently layering the dry pigment for long periods – anywhere between a day to four weeks per drawing – to capture the right shades and textures.

Commissioned by fashion brand Christian Louboutin, the drawings were made as part of an exhibition of the same name at Art Basel Hong Kong.

The vibrant series is a surprising departure from Hendry’s usual work. Her past pieces often depicted people and objects in black and white. For instance, this Chanel perfume bottle and this Kanye West portrait on a $100 bill.

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