Artist finds out how much ink is in a pen by drawing thousands of smiley faces

Japanese artist Asuka Satow recently found out how much ink there is in a standard ballpoint pen. Her unit of measurement? Smileys.

Curious as to how much she can get out of her Hi-Tec C Pen, the creative set out to find out via a painstaking experiment. It involved drawing as many smiley faces as she can on multiple postcards, with each one able to hold 600 smileys.

Satow spent 10 hours drawing on her first day, then another 10 hours on her second day. In total, she spent six days to deplete the pen covering 49 postcards. The final tally of smiley faces being 29,249.

In an interview with BuzzFeed, Satow said that she embarked on the task as a way to avoid going outside. ā€œIā€™m an indoor person, so I started this project as something to do at home during the summer.ā€

Now that reason definitely puts a smile on our face.