This tantrum-throwing kid getting dragged from a live TV cross is all of us on Mondays

Hey look we’ve all been there.

That feeling when you’re just done.

You’ve had enough, all you want to do is lie on your butt and do nothing, but then Monday comes along and drags you kicking and screaming into the week.

This video perfectly captures that phenomenon.

Scottish sports presenter Jim Delahunt was just trying to do a live cross about a jockey’s injury when this cheeky little tike stole the show.

It ends up falling to what seems to be his older sister to unceremoniously drag him out of shot – something she seems pretty well versed in.

This video just goes to prove my highly scientific theory that kid news bloopers are the best news bloopers.

Who could forget Robert Kelly’s incredible BBC interview where his kids invade the room, leading to what could only be described as beautiful chaos.