There’s a new emoji sheriff in town, and he’s taking social media by storm

Okay, there’s a sheriff taking over the internet… and it’s not exactly what you expect.

Usually Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat latch onto a particularly poorly executed post and turn them into an infamous meme. But this time we’re not laughing in someone’s face over their bad news. This time, we’re having a LOL over the simplest thing – emojis.

The viral sensation began with a simple post from Twitter user Brandon Wardell. With his NSFW creation of an emoji sheriff, Wardell sparked a stream of internet fiascos recreating the sheriff in all scenarios.

Internet users of the world all jumped on board Wardell’s creation and began creating a sheriff for every scenario.

If you’ve thought of it… there’s definitely a sheriff in charge of it. Bees? Done! Cinema? Check! Nutrition? Come on, keep up.