The Japanese gameshow challenge Touch The Lion is just as ridiculous as it sounds

The Japanese have gone and done it again. They’ve taken something unheard of and ridiculous, and made it into a game show challenge.

A video clip of the challenge “Touch The Lion” was posted on Rare, and it has kind of left us speechless.

The challenge is pretty self explanatory… in order to win the game show, you need to complete this challenge. One lucky (errr, unlucky) contestant has to literally touch a wild lion.

The producers of the show have come up with some nifty camouflage where the contestant has to be dressed up as a lion to enter the perimeters of the lion’s den. We’re not really 100% convinced that the lion costume could fool any lion into thinking the clumsy contestant is a member of his species. Nevertheless, the costume makes for an enjoyable viewing experience for us audience members.

Basically, the contestant jumps, runs, and rummages around trying to hide from this lion until he eventually gains enough courage and proximity to touch the lion’s leg. The lion takes a swing at his leg, but luckily for everyone watching, no blood is shed.

He wins!

Alright, alright…Calm tf down Japan.