Hilarious ad depicts food as characters walking into uncomfortable situations

This ad campaign is a stroke of total genius. Who knew pharmaceutical ads could be so fun?!

This is a real refreshing change from the stereotypical advert for indigestion tablets: suspiciously good-looking person winces prettily and lays a manicured hand on their perfect abdomen before reaching for a convenient packet of pills. Cue optimistic graphic of what are supposed to be somebody’s yucky insides but look more like something out of iRobot.

In reality we all know it’s much messier, gassier and usually involves more body fat, as Dhélet Y&R obviously realised in their fantastic adverts for digestion tablet manufacturer Hepachofa. The Argentinian ad agency came up with the apt tag line ‘This Is Gonna Get Ugly’ for their trio of images featuring unlikely (and unsettling) food combos meeting in the stomach.

This is where it gets a little weird (and by weird, we mean hilarious). A dishevelled pizza slice comes home from the office to find his wife in bed with a bar of chocolate, a duo of doughnut cops break up an illegal sausage gambling den and Donald-burger-Trump menaces some frightened Mexican food.

So next time indigestion has you feeling a little uncomfortable, just remember that it’s much worse for the food than it is for you.