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Elephant picks the lock and sets other elephant free to roam the neighborhood for food

Elephants are actually smarter that we realised. A mischievous gentle giant broke out of her cage with help from a friend because she was peckish. Relatable!

Last week, a pretty clever elephant named Isla helped her fellow 4000-kilogram Asian elephant cage mate, Kelly, break out of their home in Circus World in Baraboo, Wisconsin.

Isla, a lover of all things shiny, was attracted to the nuts and bolts of the cage door and cleverly managed to release a few bolts from the latch. Of course, the rebellious Kelly took the opportunity to leave the enclosure in search of food.

Asian elephants (obviously) eat a whole ton of food, all day, everyday, so when Kelly saw the chance to find some extra grub, boy did she take it!

The circus director, Scott O’Donnell told CNN that animals escaping is a very uncommon occurrence. But Kelly was just too intrigued by the neighbourhood in which she lives… she wanted to see more.

Luckily for Kelly, Baraboo is fairly used to the circus, as The Ringling Brothers started their iconic circus in the very same town in 1884. Although, elephants strolling the streets was probably a little more common back in the day.

The town hosts a parade every year in celebration of the circus, and Isla and Kelly participate in the festivities. The mammoth animals require a police escort for the event, so the officers in the town are trained to handle an elephant escape…how lucky!

Police Chief Mark Schauf told CNN that when handling an elephant, “It’s more what not to do than what to do.”

Kelly was found in a neighbourhood backyard just enjoying the foliage and unusual snacks she could rummage through. “In this particular case, Kelly was just out enjoying the fresh bounty of the day,” Schauf said.

Not a bad escape, Kelly.

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