Celebrities in Ramen Instagram account posts images of famous people lounging in noodle bowls

The Photoshop Mafia strikes again. While the Internet’s notorious for turning crop-me-out requests into comedy gold, those just don’t come around often enough. But these jokers gotta keep practicing, and practice they shall.

Introducing Celebrities in Ramen, the Instagram account that’s putting your favourite politicians, Hollywood personalities, and professional athletes in hot water (literally).

It was just too much of a low-hanging fruit to poke fun at millionaires that don’t pay us any mind (unless you’re Ed Sheeran), and what better way to do that than to include them in our dinner plans? We certainly had a good chuckle over it.

Below are some of our favourites:

Those bowls were equal parts cute and relevant, with a generous sprinkle of spicy jabs. These iconic film characters also fell into the mix:

This guy made it, too:

Okay, that last one was kinda creepy.

Which famous people would you wanna see swim in a bowl of ramen? And by swim, we mean drown.

For more Celebrities in Ramen, follow the official Instagram page.