Americans hopelessly try to find North Korea on a map

Apparently, if the US ever goes to war with North Korea, the hardest part wouldn’t be invading the hermit state, but rather, actually finding it.

Donald Trump recently warned Kim Jong-Un that he’d unleash “fire and fury” if the latter did not stop issuing threats of launching a missile strike against the US Pacific territory of Guam.

In a poll held by the Chicago Council on Global Affairs, “Three-quarters of Americans (75%) now say that North Korea’s nuclear program is a critical threat facing the United States, placing it among the top threats facing the country.”

Meanwhile, a different study done by the New York Times claimed that those able to point out North Korea on a map are more likely to favour diplomacy than those who can’t.

Jimmy Kimmel put these statistics to the test by asking people along Hollywood Boulevard to find the hermit state on a map. Spoiler: NoKor is not in Australia.

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