These lamps show just how beautiful wood from the Australian coast are

Sarah Webb and Daniel Harder, the designers behind studio Iluka London, source only the best materials for their lamps. And unsurprisingly, some of the best natural wood in the world can be found right in Oz.

Inspired by their “love for the beauty of natural wood,” the two encase raw timber in glass blocks, and use that as the base for the light fixtures. This method allows us to admire the complex swirling patterns of the wood grain, much like we would observe a display in a museum or a specimen in a lab.

According to Harder, the word ‘iluka’ means ‘close to the sea’ in Aboriginal. It also happens to be the moniker for the Australian coastal town he grew up in and also happens to have the “most beautiful wood in the world.”

And judging by these images, we definitely agree.

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