This chef has created the coolest Games of Thrones-inspired dessert we’ve ever seen

To celebrate the new season of Game of Thrones, this chef has just created a dessert inspired by the series. We are absolutely frothing this.

30 year old Hertfordshire chef, Ben Churchill, has created some of the most extravagant desserts we have ever seen. The chef creates the immaculate treats in his own kitchen whilst also working at a private restaurant as a day job.

Churchill has created a whole range of desserts, both savoury and sweet. Even better, each dessert item is themed. From Harry Potter cakes (YAS!) to desserts made from ‘crystals,’ the chef has tackled it.

What has us binge-watchers most impressed with, however, is the Game of Thrones Iron Throne dessert. And it’s not just us who is in awe over the dessert. Instagram users are swooning on the action.

The throne is made from chocolate sponge, carved to architectural perfection, topped with a hardened chocolate, and sprinkled with edible, silver glitter.

We don’t know about you, but we think it looks a little too good to eat.

Churchill also prides himself on desserts based on puns … and games. The chef told his inspiration “can happen anywhere, I’ll just get an idea in my head, or be playing a video game and think ‘that would be cool to make into a dessert’.”

He describes his best work as a sponge cake – a literal sponge cake:

“I think my best example is the edible dish washing sponge. Looks exactly like a yellow and green scourer, complete with splatters of dirt, washing up liquid and foam.”

Yeah, we would totally eat that sponge!