Watch this stingray devour a squid in front of a shocked crowd

Uhm, we’re pretty sure that wasn’t part of the attraction.

On Monday at the Yokohama Yakkeijima Sea Paradise aquarium in Japan, visitors were shocked to witness a stingray devouring a squid, with the latter trying its best to fight for its life.

The video above shows the incident unfold. The stingray can be seen chomping on the squid as black ink sprays everywhere. The prey tries to wiggle away from the predator, using its tentacles to grasp the glass, but alas it eventually disappears into its attacker’s mouth.

The camera then shows a stunned crowd staring at the stingray as it casually swims away.

On Twitter, Japanese users have questioned how this could have happened. In aquariums, predators and their prey are placed in separate tanks, and are regularly fed so they won’t feed on other species.

“Yakkeijima Sea Paradis doesn’t seem like much of a paradise,” one commenter said.

In January 2016, a similar incident occurred at the COEX Aquarium in South Korea, wherein a tiger shark ate a banded hound shark.