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Toilet paper with Donald Trump’s tweets sold out on Amazon

It seems like President Donald Trump is doing a great job at cleaning up America… America’s buttholes, that is.

Over on Amazon, a toilet paper brand called ‘Toilet Tweets’ is selling rolls of tissue bearing the images of Trump’s infamous remarks. Despite being priced at AUS$15 (US$11.99) for a single roll, the product still sold out instantly.

It even had some pretty funny reviews, despite getting low ratings. “I’m really afraid these will make my backside dirtier instead of cleaner,” said one user who gave the product one star.

Toilet Tweets

Another referenced the never-ending leaks the Trump administration deals with: “I was going to order this but was concerned about lack of absorbency and that it may lead to leaks. However it’s highly recommended for nights of excessive pee incidents.”

This isn’t the first time someone has tried to put Trump on a tissue paper. A company called The Gag is currently selling a roll featuring POTUS’ face. In Mexico, a lawyer plans to launch a Trump toilet paper brand to support anti-border wall protests.

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