The ultimate fidget spinner is made up of multiple smaller fidget spinners

A Youtuber has taken the useless – but somehow addictive – fad to the next level by creating a monstrous fidget spinner made out of… more fidget spinners.

Louis Weisz has a YouTube Channel dedicated to making DIY contraptions and he recently used a glue gun, a dowel, and multiple tiny spinners, to build the ultimate innocuous toy.

Yeah I know it’s not like the guy discovered a time machine or something remotely useful, but come on. Just look at that!

Someone just created the ultimate fidget spinner with loads of fidget spinners by Benjamin Pineros

Fidget spinners have been controversially advertised as helping people with psychological stress and other conditions. Although there’s not enough scientific evidence to prove that fidget spinners have any therapeutical value, we can’t deny they’re hypnotic.

In just a few months, the infamous little gadgets have turned into this generation’s yo-yos, spinning tops, or hula hoops. Although the toys have been around since the early ’90s, they only became popular this year.

In fact, the toys have caught so much attention, authorities in various countries are pushing to ban them from classrooms. Also, an Evangelical pastor in Paraguay claimed they were Satanic devices because they make youngsters perform the ‘sign of the devil’ with their hands.

Fidget spinners have become the focus of experimentation of hundreds of hobbyists too, with people making mutant versions inspired by Oreo cookies, soda caps, and shurikens. No, for real.

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