Today in online stupidity: people are snorting lines of chocolate

I really hope this doesn’t need to be said, but here goes: don’t snort chocolate. Just don’t.

And why would you be doing that? Well, it seems some incredibly impressionable folks have been taking up this ill-advised habit as the result of some extremely dubious claims about its supposed energy-inducing effects.

It’s all because of a product available online, called “Coco Loko“, which purports to provide users with a rush of energy similar to that given by caffeinated energy drinks.

Only this is cooler than energy drinks, because you snort it. Right?

Not really, no.

Medical professionals are warning people to stay away from the stuff, as the side effects are not well-understood, and could potentially include sinus infections, ear infections, and even dangerously low blood pressure.

Just as a general rule of thumb in life: if something needs to be snorted in order to get the desired effect, just assume that thing is probably also bad for your health. Words to live by.

This is probably one of those flash-in-the-pan online trends that will vanish from our memories soon enough. But for now, it’s worth knowing that you should probably not be snorting Coco Loko, as much as you might enjoy chocolate.

For now, expect a few silly videos and trend pieces before this thing runs its course. You know, like this one:

If you were on the fence before, that guy is basically a walking advertisement for the fact that Coco Loko is probably not intended for the best and brightest. So if you have a friend who might be at risk for chocolate abuse, be aware.

Friends don’t let friends snort chocolate, after all.