These amazing superhero dolls are free, if you can find them

If you happen to visit San Diego, keep your eyes open. There are superheroes hiding everywhere.

Not superheroes of the flesh and blood variety, unfortunately. But something almost as good: we’re talking crochet superheroes. Yes, someone has been crocheting tiny dolls of classic superheroes and hiding them all over San Diego.

It happens every year during San Diego’s world-famous Comic Con. For the past six years, the mysterious crochet artist — who is only known by the online moniker of “Geeky Hooker” — makes a small collection of top-notch superhero crochets, and stashes them around town for conference-goers to stumble upon.

This year’s selection? Geeky Hooker promises to hide crochet dolls of Wonder Woman, Batman, Penguin, Superman, Deadpool, Doctor Strange, and Yondu (if you don’t recognize that last name, you might know him as Michael Rooker’s character in the Guardians of the Galaxy movies).

That’s a pretty heavily Marvel- and D.C.-centric list, to be sure. But who can argue with the end results?

And if you’re just not into Marvel and D.C. heroes and villains, check out some of Geeky Hooker’s other crochet homages.

Here’s Walter White, aka Heisenberg:

And a great rendering of Leia and R2 from Star Wars:

Looking for something a bit more highbrow? Check out Geeky Hooker’s rendering of Julius Caesar as he appeard on the Ides of March:

And who can argue with a Studio Ghibli crochet? Here’s Geeky Hooker’s depiction of Miyazaki’s iconic character Totoro:

Let’s not forget the best show on television right now, Rick and Morty:

I don’t think you need another reason to go to Comic Con next year in San Diego. But if you haven’t booked your ticket yet, go right ahead — and one of Geeky Hooker’s creations could be yours, if you know where to look.