The #SupermarketFlash is the latest saucy trend taking over the Internet [NSFW]

So filthy we’ll need a clean-up on aisle five. In what appears to be the latest viral craze taking the web by storm, some young people are apparently flashing their private parts in public places and subsequently posting photos and videos of this lewdness on social media. The horror!

We’ve recently covered trends that ranged from amusing to borderline dangerous. But this one moves the dial to the latter, and then points down south.

Since no other place seems to get these kids going, the chosen location for this shtick happens to be the home of sausages, bottled beverages, and phallic-shaped produce. Hence, the trend was aptly named the #SupermarketFlash.

Take a look at how bad it’s gotten:

Welp. That’s one way to take your mind off those student loans.

Nothing screams empowerment like unsolicited public nudity.

We just wanna know what flavors those are. Looks good.

Now, don’t even argue with the “Oh, did you never do stupid sh*t when you were young?” line. Please. This generation grew up with a smartphone instead of a rattle in their hands; they know very well what they’re doing and that the Internet always remembers.

And if some reports are to be believed, significant others seem to be in on it. So don’t even pivot to a sexist narrative because we’re not absolving the boyfriends for this either.

Here’s a silver lining: this whole thing seems quite poetic. In the true spirit of variety that supermarkets espouse, these ladies serve as shining examples that there are billions of potential partners to settle for, employees to hire, and people we’d like to associate ourselves with.

Thanks for narrowing down our choices, girls.