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These inventions are surprisingly made out of Swarovski crystals

A group of designers have used Swarovski crystals to create ingenious products that don’t have anything to do with jewelry. 

For three years in a row now, Swarovski has collaborated with Design Miami for their Designers of the Future Award. The accolade seeks to honor up and coming young professionals and studios who show a vanguard approach in their field.

For 2017, Marjan van Aubel, Jimenez Lai, and Takt Project took the award home for their innovative use of the flawless crystals Swarovski.

With sustainability in mind, Marjan van Aubel designed Cyanometer, a series of three “living light objects” for house interior illumination. Inspired by the power of the sun, she created a portable solar cell that uses the Swarovski crystals to improve the cell’s efficiency.

Takt Project, a Japanese design studio, used the crystals to 3D-print candle holders and vases. It’s said to be the first time that this material has ever been used for 3D printing, and could possibly open up a wide range of possibilities in the field.

Jimenez Lai, meanwhile, was awarded for creating handcrafted tiles that used recycled Swarovski crystals that were previously deemed too imperfect.

Recipients of the Miami Designers of the Future Award are given the chance to visit Swarovski’s headquarters in Wattens, Austria to explore the company’s laboratories and archives.

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