Zombie tuna moves around long after it’s dead and cut up

Some pretty disturbing footage has just leaked of a yellowfin tuna thrashing around on a plastic tray – and it’s almost definitely dead.

The clip, which was posted by user Yataka Suzuki, shows a slice of tuna violently jumping around, enough to almost fly off the container. The fish has no head, and it had been chopped up (literally in half), but that doesn’t stop it from floundering about for two entire minutes.

The video’s caption read: “The vitality of the fish is amazing.”

Naturally, people who saw the video were pretty shocked and a little confused by the sight. Twitter, however, came to the rescue with a scientific explanation.

Simply put, a freshly cut fish can be zombified by sprinkling salt on it. Even though it’s already dead, some motor neurons remain intact and can cause involuntary muscle spasms. All it needs is a triggering mechanism, such as salt.

Here’s a video of a squid getting doused with soy sauce, as an example:

We were a little worried that the fish had been reborn as a zombie, but we’re happy to take this more – plausible – reason for the dead fish rising. Whew!