Featured Image for Woman shows the beauty of mushrooms through the most stunning arrangements

Woman shows the beauty of mushrooms through the most stunning arrangements

Flowers are so passé. Jill Bliss, an artist living in a tiny island in the Salish Sea in the Pacific Northwest, makes ‘floral’ arrangements with something more unconventional: mushrooms.

Her series of arrangements, which she likes to call Nature Medleys, feature the plants and fungi she finds on her hikes. Much like the bouquets found in flower shops, Bliss’ works too are colourful and dazzling – but instead of having roses and tulips, hers have amanitas and purple mushrooms.

Nature Medleys by Jill Bliss

In an interview with King5, the artist explained how she began making her so-called nature graffiti.

“I’m a painter, and in my studio when I’m waiting for paint to dry, I would go for hikes and collect things I found in the forest and I started making just color studies of the things I was finding, and it ended up being mostly mushrooms.”

Nature Medleys by Jill Bliss

However, instead of taking her creations home to be displayed, Bliss just leaves them where she found them. She only takes a photograph then allows nature to take its course – and lets others discover the arrangements by chance.

“My favorite was one of the medleys I made on San Juan Island, I went back a few days later and a fox had pooped in the middle of it. That was like the funniest critique I’ve ever had.”

Nature Medleys by Jill Bliss

If you plan on making similar works, Bliss has one piece of advice: “Color is everywhere, these beautiful forms and shapes are everywhere. You just have to look.”

See more of Jill Bliss’ work over on her website.

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