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This designer creates misbehaving robots just to annoy the heck out of you

Swiss-Mexican designer Nicole Perez has built a set of robots that aim to answer whether technology can and will replace the need for human connection and intimacy.

Part of her MA in Material Futures at Central Saint Martins in London, the project is called Misbehaving (ro)bots. It’s comprised of three mischievous robots, with each one made to do a specific annoying task.

For instance, one robot keeps smearing lipstick on a pillow, while another constantly pokes you with its metal arm. Probably the most annoying is the robot that pinches and pulls at clothing. Having someone (or something) pulling at your clothes would be slightly annoying, but boy would that build up to a pretty severe eruption.

A robot made by Nicole Perez

The project was done in response to the developing nature of virtual reality, augmented reality, and artificial intelligence. Basically, anything that isn’t human.

“What we perceive as real is becoming increasingly difficult to quantify and takes us a step closer to the virtual and real world becoming inseparable and intertwined,”  Pérez told Dezeen.

A robot made by Nicole Perez

Interestingly, Pérez decided that aspects of relationships that were often overlooked, the frustrations of intimacy and relationships, were what needed to be studied. She stated that relationships are “not always entirely pleasurable,” hence, needing robots for aggravation.

A robot made by Nicole Perez

She added: “In the future, experts in the field, as well as myself, believe that even the most primitive and basic of human needs, such as love and intimacy, could take place with non-human partners.”

A robot made by Nicole Perez

Let’s hope our love lives don’t end up being destroyed by annoying robots.

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