BBC anchor could not give a damn about this story on surfing dogs

Simon McCoy has given up all hope.


We’ve all had those days where we simply just couldn’t give a single toss about our work​.

You look down at your to-do list and think, ‘nup, sorry dudes, but I simply cannot’.

The BBC News anchor was faced with this very situation on Monday when he was forced to do a puff piece about a dog surfing competition in California.

McCoy clearly could not care less about these um… gnarly dogs…hanging ten (am I saying that right, everything I know about surfing is from movies) and makes that pretty clear in his unrelenting monotone and deeply unimpressed expression.

For what it’s worth I actually think those surfing dogs are pretty rad, clearly though, McCoy doesn’t share the same sentiment.

That’s cool man, you do you.

Simon McCoy from the BBC
Simon McCoy from the BBC

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