Volkswagen promotes its keyless trunk-opening tech with brilliant new campaign

Whether you’ve got your hands full with grocery bags, sports equipment, picnic stuff, or you could simply be cleaning out your garage—if you think about it, there are actually quite a few times when you won’t have both your hands available as you try to load things into your vehicle.

Enter: Volkswagen’s ‘Easy Open Trunk’ feature. It’s essentially a sensor that lets you “sweep your foot under the rear bumper” to pop open the trunk.

It’s a nifty little function, but we’re particularly interested in the advertising campaign Volkswagen launched for it. The print ads were done by powerhouse DDB Berlin:

Those look sweet, but we also love the videos:

Even when they’re straightforward:

Volkswagen’s long had a knack for clever campaigns. Remember those vintage ads for Beetles? Even the new ones aren’t too bad:

It seems they haven’t lost the magic touch.

To see the No Hands, No Problem print ads full-sized, click the link below.