This rescue dog became the muse for this wilderness photographer’s exquisite photos

The following story is a real-world tale of loss, love and redemption, with some gorgeous photos of landscapes and a dog thrown in to keep things light.

When Nikita first met Troy four years ago she was a cast-off, mistreated and unwanted by her previous owners. She had lost all trust for humans and didn’t let Troy anywhere near her for days.

He began by throwing away her cage and filthy urine-soaked blanket and slowly helped her to feel comfortable in her home. Within a week Nikita was allowing Troy to pet her.

Fast-forward to the present day and Nikita is unrecognisable from the sad pup of four years ago. She’s pretty much living the ultimate doggy dream, accompanying her new owner all over North America to seek out the wildest and most remote places on the continent.

This is because Troy is a wildlife photographer, one who went through quite a life change of his own. In his early twenties, Troy was successful in the fashion world, splitting his time between Toronto and Mumbai shooting for high-profile clients such as Vogue and Rolling Stone.

Something wasn’t clicking for him though and it didn’t take him long to realise he had unknowingly drifted from his childhood dream of roaming the wilds and photographing the creatures that live there.

So that’s where Troy is now, living in a wooden cabin that he built himself on Vancouver Island. Nikita is his eternal companion, roaming with him everywhere and she hasn’t spent one second in a cage since she met Troy.

Nikita has run across frozen rivers, pounded over sweeping planes, she’s ridden in a canoe, eaten fresh fish, and hunted deer, porcupine and even a skunk (those last two didn’t end well).

The morale of this story? It’s easier to stay true to the call of the wild when you have a wild friend along for the ride.