Photographer captures the beautiful love story of a real-life ‘The Notebook’ couple

We’re not crying, you’re crying. In a world rife with injustice and millennial folly, it’s certainly become a treat to come across a genuine feel-good story.

We’ve got one for you in Harold and Ruby Coleman, a couple from the United States who just celebrated their 65th year together.

And to make this tale of epic love even better, we can get a glimpse of it through quite literally a unique lens—that of Megan Vaughan’s, who’s photographed them on multiple occasions.

The kicker is that Ruby (89, a year younger than Harold) has battled dementia for the past decade. She’s forgotten “how to drive, wash dishes, and lately, she’s even forgotten people; but, the one person she always remembers is Harold.”

Now, if that sounds a tad bit too familiar, then you may remember that tearjerker written by Nicholas Sparks:

Megan first photographed the couple for their 60th anniversary in 2012, and sadly, she shared that Ruby doesn’t remember her anymore.

“We’ve been going to church together, and doing everything together, and it’s really been nice along the way,” Harold said. “We’ve made it this far, and we hope to like the Bible says, till death do we part.”

For photos of the Colemans’ 65th anniversary, click here.