This mum captures daughter in adorable “fruit dresses” using optical illusions

Is that what we think it is? Yep, she’s definitely wearing a hand of bananas. And rocking it fiercely, too.

We absolutely adore cute parent-child stuff, and this here’s no exception. Meet Alya and Stefani Chaglar, the mother-daughter duo that’s taken the internet by storm.

Alya, an artist by trade, has made three-year-old Stefani the star of this Instagram account where she’s shown “wearing” all kinds of fresh produce.

And far from reluctant child star, the little lady looks like she’s having a grand time. Let the photos speak for themselves:

“To produce these visual tricks, Chaglar holds one of the objects up to Stefani as she strikes a pose in the distance. The scale of the bananas, cauliflower, or fresh blooms are close enough to the camera to perfectly cover the adorable toddler’s body and create the illusion of an outfit. Stefani rocks all of her looks with such an awe-inspiring confidence that we can’t help but wish that some of her “dresses” were real,” writes Sara Barnes.

Now, Alya hasn’t limited Stefani’s “outfits” to fruits. Flowers and herbs have looked great on her, too:

Alya’s even allowed her to take on treats that fall low on the food pyramid. Mum of the Year, for sure:

All in all, it looks like a healthy exercise for both mother and daughter, something they’ll remember for years to come!

For more photos of Stefani, click the link below or show the pair some Instagram love.